Pool Fencing

Pool fencing

If your pool is 400mm deep or capable of being deeper, it is required to be fenced properly.

You do not need fencing if:

  • The pool sits above ground with smooth vertical walls that are 1200mm or more high, with no permanent steps for children to climb over into the pool
  • The pool is less than 400mm deep and is not capable of being deeper
  • The pool is inside your house, for example, an indoor spa pool
  • People are employed specifically to supervise the pool when it is in use and the entire pool facility is locked at all other times.

What sort of fencing does my pool need?

Fencing must fully enclose the pool area and it should prevent young children from getting into the pool area from any part of the property.

A boundary fence can make up part of your pool fencing, providing it meets compliance requirements.

Please see NZ Standards 8500:2006

The fence must:

  • Be a minimum height of 1200mm high at every point of the outside of the fence and must
  • Not be climbable. Any perforated material (trellis, mesh or netting) must have gaps no wider than 10mm if the fence is 1200mm high, or gaps no wider than 35mm if the fence is 1800mm high.

Any horizontal supports on the outside of the fence must be at least 900mm apart (top to top).

The fence must be at least 1200mm higher than any permanent climbable object or protrusion that is within 1200mm of the fence.

There must be no space greater than 100mm between the fence pickets, panels or under the fence.

What standard of fencing is required?

Pool fences must meet the standard required by the Act. This requires existing pools to be fenced to the specifications of NZ Standard 8500:2006. A new fence or alterations to an existing fence must meet the performance standard of the Building Code and F9/AS1 and F9/AS2.

Gates and doors

Any gates and doors need to open away from the pool. Every gate needs to be fitted with a self-closing and self-latching device that closes and latches from any open position.

The outside latches must be at least 1500mm above the ground and the inside latch must not be accessible by reaching through the gate unless the hole in the gate is at a minimum height of 1200mm above the ground/finished floor level measured outside the pool area.

There must be no object near the gate that could hold it open.