Minn Kota Trolling Motor Installation

We build custom framing/platforms for mounting your Minn Kota onto your boat, specialising in stainless steel & Aluminum. 


Marine technology has risen to new horizons to help us catch more and keep on catching with EASE. Minn Kota and other trolling motors are evolutionizing the way we anchor, troll and fish. 


The first decision you need to make is, where are you going to mount the device? You’ve got three primary locations, all based on the type of boat you have and what your intended trolling purpose is:

Bow: Equipped with the most advanced features, offers a wide range of control options, and the motor is mounted to the front of the boat with a bolt-on bracket, with the motion of pulling through the water for better maneuverability and control.

Transom: This mounts to the back of the boat with a clamp-on style bracket and features a hand tiller control. This is ideal for smaller boats, dinghies and surprisingly even canoes. (ideal for standard trolling)

Engine: Keeps the deck clear by mounting to the cavitation plate of your outboard or inboard. (no stowing or deploying required)

The big question, what size motor do you need? Remember folks this isn’t an outboard motor, so it’s not about who has the most horsepower, instead, it’s about smarter fishing. terms you need to know with your motor:

Thrust: Refers to how powerful the motor is. The boat weight is a key indicator in determining how much thrust you need.

Volts: Indication of the required battery power your trolling motor will need.

Shaft Length: Now choosing the correct shaft length. Very Important! Cannot stress about this, too short, the prop won’t be sufficiently submerged, too long, the prop simply won’t be effective to do its job.

I-Pilot: GPS trolling system

Spot-Lock: If you have an intended spot you want to troll by simply push a button, and the spot lock uses your GPS to lock your boat onto your favourite fishing spot. 

Min Kota has a patented Autopilot system, that is available on certain motors which allows you to sit down, relax and let the technology do the driving. Your handheld remote will enable you to steer your boat.